Bodytalk was created out of love and admiration towards this amazing tool, we all possess: our body. It is a source of inspiration and alongside the pure joy and that feeling of deep satisfaction we get through exercise, we set forth to create athletic wear of the highest standard and innovative design. Embrace the finest features of your body, hop into a Bdtk outfit and boost your confidence!

Our motto Train For Pleasure, expresses our perception of the way in which exercise should be part of our life. Working out is all about personal satisfaction, taking pleasure in every step, aiming in self improvement and development. Instead of being influenced by people and standards set out by society and the media, we should look up to ourselves and let our own goals and ambitions motivate us. After all, the purpose of a good work out is to fill us with energy, to exhilarate us, to break out from the draining daily reality. It is not about competing or breaking a record. For sports style fanatics, we put together the latest trends combined with technical expertise and create a full range collection and accessories. Bodytalk is for everyone who looks for comfort in a perfect fit, whether an amateur or a pro

Founded in 1996, Bodytalk is an international fashion athletic brand with a leading position in the retail and wholesale segments. Constantly expanding its business, the retail network counts 25 exclusive stores and at least 400 sales points throughout Greece Europe and the Middle East.
Weekdays 9.00a.m. – 9.00p.m. 
Saturday 9.00a.m. – 8.00p.m.

Level 1

+30 210 5451 361

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