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LUKUMAΔΕΣ was the first brand making its same-named historical dessert a global craze. The brand which has been raising attention of most major international publications such as: New York Times, British Airways “High Life Magazine”, KLM iFly as well as Prince’s of Wales Charles and his wife Camilla is ranked as Athens No. 1 dessert shop in Trip Advisor.

The first shop located in the hotspot of downtown Athens, on the corner of Eolou & Aghias Irinis Streets quickly became the most favorite and delicious spot in the city’s center. It’s a modern while nostalgic place where guests of all ages enjoy happy and memorable moments. The “must-try” is the famous injected lukumádes offered in different fillings while also the classic ones, with honey & cinnamon. Savory options (using Greek cheeses and other local delicacies) are also a unique and very tasteful appetizer for both lunch and dinner. Lastly, their specialty coffee ROUND STONE roasted by taf and home-made gelato ice-cream supplement the menu and can perfectly match most flavors. All the creations are truly unique; the offer gets frequently updated with seasonal influences, taking advantage of the nature using the most fresh ingredients.
Weekdays 9.00a.m.- 12.00p.m. 
Weekends 9.00a.m.- 12.00p.m.


+30 210 5444 433

https://www.facebook.com/Lukumades.Greece/ https://www.instagram.com/lukumades/

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