Flocafe Espresso Room
Flocafe is the first coffee shop chain in Greece, established in 1994. Today, the inexhaustible energy, passion for coffee and constant research for optimum quality of our products and services, led us to the next step of coffee experience, the Flocafe Espresso Room.

Flocafe Espresso Room is all about coffee. It is specialized in the coffee culture providing superior quality of products and service that offers a unique atmosphere for socialization, relaxation and entertainment in a trendy, friendly and cozy environment. Our specialized baristi present to our guests a whole new world of different coffee varieties prepared according the standards of the WBC (World Barista Championship), by introducing multiple blends as the basic material of our coffee creations.

Additionally, coffee lovers have the opportunity to enjoy imaginative cocktails based on coffee, and furthermore drinks and refreshments will be served. Whoever is a coffee lover will be amazed by Flocafe Espresso Room. It’s the perfect place to taste exceptionally unique coffee flavors and snacks.
Weekdays 9.00π.μ. – 12.00μ.μ. 
Weekends 9.00π.μ.- 12.00μ.μ.


+30 216 0037 900

https://www.facebook.com/flocafeofficial https://www.instagram.com/flocafe/?hl=en
Ρόφημα με μπισκότο Biscolatto Flocafe
Λαχταριστά pancakes Flocafe με σαντιγύ και βατόμουρα
Αυγά τηγανητά με πατάτες και λουκάνικο
Φρέσκο κομμάτι Lemon pie Flocafe
Πρωινό Flocafe με ομελέτα και ψωμί
Φλιτζάνι cappuccino Flocafe με συνδυασμό από κρουασάν βουτύρου και σοκολάτας

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