Health and safety

Health and safety
Our top priority is the health and safety of our team and visitors.

YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY – Precautionary measures

Our fully retractable roof remains open to ensure natural ventilation, when the weather allows it.
Our air condition system operates with the introduction of 100% natural air..
We carefully monitor the number of our visitors.
We have placed alchool based hand sanitizers in all common areas.
We realise merticulous cleaning of all common areas .
We strictly adhere to government requirements regarding safety measures.
Our visitors are informed about the safety instructions and recommendations during their visit.


Please call 801 2225 050 in case you have any questions or notice any behavior that is not in line with the above.

Mini bus protective measures include:

Mini Bus passengers do not exceed 14people at the same time
All passengers is recommended to wear wear a protective face mask
Antiseptic hand sanitizer is available in the mini bus
The Vehicles are regularly cleaned antibacterial cleaners

LET’S ALL STAY SAFE – We kindly recommend

PROTECTIVE MASK: Wearing of face mask is recommended
KEEP YOUR DISTANCE: Social distancing of 1.5 meters is mandatory
HANDS: Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly
PERSONAL HYGIENE: Avoid touching your mouth, nose, eyes and face
CONTACTS: Avoid handshakes and other physical contact
HEALTH: Cough & sneeze on your elbow or on tissue, and then dispense it immediately in a bin
RESPONSIBILITY: Stay home if you have any sickness symptoms.
OBJECTS: Regularly clean your frequently used personal items such as mobile phones.